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March 14, 2018


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I’m so sorry. This must have been so devastating, especially after yesterday’s result was so close to 25.

Was the original egg donor anonymous? Honestly, if there were 3 embryos and 2 of them took (I’m assuming the original couple had a baby before donating the other 2 embryos), those are pretty good odds (especially since Momo is so great). Give yourself some time to grieve the process but it might be worth seeing if the clinic can find out if this egg donor was willing to donate again.


So, so sorry to read this. I just took a few hours out of my day to watch your film and I felt that I was watching myself. Treat yourself and each other well today and in the upcoming months. A bit random, but I recently came across a blog called BrainChancery. His attitude towards his brain cancer has uplifted me immensely. Hugs from a stranger.


Thinking of you and Noah Maya. You are one of the strongest women I've "met". I know it stings, and will for quite awhile, but that beautiful little girl of yours will continue to amaze you and make you smile daily. XX's from Studio City to you.

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