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April 25, 2018


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Northern Star

Hear hear!


Just read an interesting quote. “I didn’t fail IVF, IVF failed me.” Wrapping my head around that sure released a few chains on the heart.
Thanks for all you do and have done to help us come to grips mentally and emotionally with our journeys. The invaluable gift of your expertise and insights has impacted so many of us deeply in our darkest times.

Katy Vendetti

Yes! I am also a big advocate for changing the conversation around reproductive choices and struggles! Great points!

Pamela O

I couldn't agree more than we need better language around reproductive issues! I wrote a couple of posts about it -- one about objecting to the word "infertile" and another about how misogynistic the language tends to be when diagnosing female reproductive issues:



Feel free to use any of my suggestions. I'd like to spread them far and wide!

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